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Manchester Metropolitan University
29/30th July 2020

Manchester’s 1st International Dyslexia Conference will bring together knowledge and understanding of dyslexia from the 4 corners of the globe to share their unique insights to help the attendees leave with a clear plan for the future of dyslexia in their communities.

During the conference you will be able to discover the latest support, engage in vibrant workshops and meet fellow professionals from around the world to discuss common issues. With over 20 expert speakers during the conference you can also participate in an additional gala dinner with a special speaker and entertainment and get to know Manchester by joining us in a Manchester history trail showcasing Marx’s visits, the smiths, rolls Royce and much more.




Workshops and Speakers to cover:

  • Phonetics/Blending

  • The importance of IT in supporting dyslexics in the classroom

  • What dyslexia support in the classroom will look like in the future

  • How to keep struggling pupils in mainstream education, and the benefits of doing this

  • Early diagnostic tools

  • Dyscalculia support in the classroom

  • Private/public support

  • Dyslexia Friendly Schools


Workshops and Speakers to cover:

  • Reducing levels of trauma for dyslexic children in school (bullying/stigma)

  • Dyslexia as a cause of challenging behaviour in young/old people

  • Stopping dyslexic kids being exploited

  • Developing a sense of purpose for dyslexic youth

  • How Merton’s Strain Theory is relevant to the dyslexic community


Workshops and Speakers to cover:

  • How to make your company confident in dyslexia

  • Helping ex-offenders into employment

  • Pupil/youth apprenticeships

  • Best HR practice for dyslexic staff

  • Why employers should want to employ a dyslexic person

  • Inclusivity, benefits for managers in the workplace

  • How to diagnose and support a dyslexic colleague


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