Breaking barriers in the workplace


Offering bespoke company training packages to ensure your company is 'Dyslexia Confident'



Dyslexia Institute UK is a community interest company that delivers comprehensive bespoke dyslexia training packages to businesses and community organizations. Our aims is to break down the stigma of dyslexia and implement systematic change. We can provide Dyslexia Confident training and then develop a company strategy to be implemented thereafter.



  • Accreditation

  • Make your company dyslexia Confident

  • Improve your relationship with your dyslexic staff and clients


I have been involved in disability issues for many years and I found this event well organised and very inclusive. The interaction and work in groups was excellent and I learned many things which in turn I shared with others. However the most important thing in my view was the seamless inclusivity which ran throughout the whole day and this in itself reflects the values of the institute. 


Pauline McArdle (workshop participant)

I found the workshop very rewarding it shown some good examples of the daily struggles of dyslexia, as well as highlighting that we have more to do to make our country and especially areas such as the NHS less daunting those with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. I also found the numerous programmes available for use within the work place absolutely outstanding, a big step up from past years.

Leanne Brogan

I really enjoyed the session. It was very informative, and I learnt a lot about dyslexia and how to support someone with dyslexia. Thank you for a great session. You are a great tutor.

Bismah (Rochdale Community Champions)



If you want more information on what services and support we can provide please feel free to download our brochure.




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